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Sustainable living starts from home…

Future Home highlights the integration of building and sustainable innovation in the form of the most basic structure of living: a house. The house is commonly believed to hold most influence over the human lifestyle, as it is a place where habits are cultivated and shaped. This exhibition aims to highlight that sustainable living starts from home, and with the right mix of solutions installed in a home environment, it provides a platform where one can easily work towards sustainable living.

The feature is broken down into modular pockets of spaces featuring smart technologies in an integrated living environment. These spaces can be commonly found at home, and the integration of these solutions in our everyday spaces can help us to be more aware about our own contribution to the environment, while improving our daily lives. The feature attempts to capture the essence of modern living with this integration, in which the variety of spaces in the home environment include the aspects of live, work and play.

The entrance of the feature leads the visitor into a series of spaces: bedroom, study, bathroom, kitchen, living room and garden. In these spaces, the visitor is educated on products that can specifically help them achieve cost savings on energy and water, thermal comfort, digital connectivity and environment wellbeing. Companies featured will include AGC Asia Pacific, Cityneon, Ecosoftt, Greenology, Hubble, Hydrabath, Mobike, SoundEye, Waldmann Lighting and Whiteblack - Greenblue, making the Future Home showcase a must-visit.

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    In chasing a sustainable lifestyle, this experience allows the visitor to develop a sense of what the future home can potentially be like.

    Summary of the Feature

    The overall set-up thus integrates multiple modes of technology into a singular living home, which could be effected in any form of home in Singapore and also internationally, across different living experiences and the typical functions within a home.

    Through this Future Home set-up, we hope to showcase how new technologies and our daily living habits can be seamlessly integrated, in aspiring towards future low-carbon, environmentally-resilient cities.

    Sustainability, after all, does begin at home.

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    Curatorial Vision

    The curators of this feature are from the Sustainability department from Surbana Jurong Consultants Pte Ltd. They are aware of the need for the local building industry to move towards an integrated building design process that embraces new sustainable and smart technologies. To keep up with the trends and movement of the building industry, they are constantly on the lookout to introduce new sustainable technologies into their existing and future projects.

    This curatorship is in line with the strategies identified by the Committee on the Future Economy, highlighting that Singapore envisions a vibrant city of the future that reacts innovatively and nimbly according to rapid technological change. The value creation of the integration of technology with buildings is recognized by the nation to prepare the industry for future market needs. In addition, Singapore is open to deepen international connections and partnerships to break through to new markets worldwide, and is a good harbour for regional and international Asian markets.

    Curation Team Background

    In the face of global climate change and diminishing natural resources, the design of today's cities and buildings require environmental, economic & social considerations. Surbana Jurong’s Sustainability team provides sustainability and environmental consultancy services to create developments that are greener, more efficient, and that lead towards more savings.

    Through an integrated design model, several professional competencies have to work closely together to meet one common objective – creating a living / working environment for its occupants while mitigating the use of materials, energy and water.

    The global Surbana Jurong-SMEC setup allows for sustainability to pivot environmental projects, infrastructural projects well as urban design and building projects, organised along the following streams: Infrastructure, Energy, Planning, Building, Technology and Mobility.

    Fig 1: Sustainable design optimisation workflow diagram

    Click here for Sustainability: A Holistic Process in Design & Planning

    Curatorial Narrative

    The adverse effects of Climate Change can be felt more than ever today, and the effects will continue to worsen with generations to come. The physical and chemical changes can be felt in natural ecosystems all over the world, changing the way we live and move. To curb this, there have been huge efforts to move forward towards a more sustainable future, from climate agreements signed between nations to national strategies pushing for sustainable buildings and cities within a fixed time frame. Sustainability is no longer just a buzzword, but a lifestyle.

    The awareness to be more environmentally-friendly to tackle climate change has heightened, leading to an increasing demand for sustainable solutions. Therefore, the building industry needs to shift with the market trends to react to this increased demand in sustainable solutions.

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